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prone to pity

There are few more dangerous (and subtle) places for my soul to wander than into self-pity. But you don’t understand, my life can be so hard. My schedule can be really busy, and my job can be really trying, and my family can be difficult, and my past….just trust me. Too often this is the … Continue reading


humbled to be humbled

“Those are ripening apace for ruin, whose hearts are unhumbled under humbling providences” -Matthew Henry Freshly married and loving it, I began this season working diligently with an online data entry job for my new brother-in-law. This job found me spending days working from our new apartment, occupied by spreadsheets and image editing, with the … Continue reading


still unworthy

I’m getting married March 24, 2012. Also a recent development, I will be getting baptized, along with my fiancé, on March 18th. Why get baptized? I think scripture is clear enough on the significance of baptism, as a public declaration of Christ’s saving work in our lives and a symbolic representation of our death and … Continue reading